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Business conditions in each country have its own characteristics, due to the civil and tax law, practice of law enforcement and the local business traditions. Starting and developing a new business in Russia, as elsewhere, is largely dependent on the correctness of the first steps and on the proper organization of the legal, commercial and administrative work.

Our company offers its customers a wide range of consulting services, long-years business experience and knowledge of the Russian market. We are dedicated to provide the most favorable conditions for your business in Russia.

The head of the company - Tretyakov S.T. has many years of experience working with Turkish partners. From 1997 to 2005 he was general manager of the Russian based company «Marshall Paint Rus Ltd.». This work resulted that the Turkish brand coating trade mark «Marshall Boya» became one of the main brands on the top of the Russian market. From 2005 to 2013 he was general manager of «Etiproducts Ltd" »- a subsidiary in Russia of the Turkish state owned mining and chemical company - «Eti Maden Isl. GM». Sales of Turkish boron-containing materials in Russia during this period has rised several times, and Turkish materials began to occupy more than 70% of the Russian market .


  1. Advising on legal issues
  2. Registration services
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  4. Human Resources Services
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  6. Agency Services